Monday, March 22, 2010

Couldn't ask for more

Trip to Oakland was everything I needed and so much more! I got all of my work done for colleges, relax and not have to deal with work or the contemplation of my shitty art(just saw a couple people wearing something from H&M totally know the price point, I fucking hate my job and that I know my products and the price points) and I just got the fuck out of Arizona for awhile. i need to surround myself with something else and Oakland was the place to be. Definitely gotta make it a point to bike everyday, even if it's only a 15 minute ride, I need to start getting back on Fulvio. Not to mention, I'm gonna quit smoking, I don't even want the rest of my pack which is great! So much new shit and reevaluating my life and I think it all started happening when I went blonde. Gonna miss the warehouse and everyone who resides in it along with the great people of Oakland, although I need to stop drinking so fast when I'm out here and making a shit show of myself by projectile vomiting. I'm banking on SFAI to give me the most scholarship money so I can come back out here and live and go to school.

I'm also hoping my life consists of these things/I become this...

He'd be a dream come true.
I would just like to be her crazy ass.
I would like to own a hairless cat.

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